Society for Industrial Psychology

11 June 1998

Dear Mr Oliphant

Herewith is a copy of a fax that was sent to the Directorate: Employment Equity. It would be greatly appreciated if our recommendations regarding the clause on Psychometric testing be looked at during the Parliamentary debate on the Employment Equity Bill.

With the best of wishes regarding the tabling of the Bill.

Kasthuri Nainaar
Chairperson: Society for Industrial Psychology
Vice-Chairperson: Psychological Assessment Initiative

The Directorate: Employment Equity
Department of Labour
5 June 1998

Dear Mbuli

Employment Equity Bill

Thank you for your attendance on behalf of the Directorate at our Psychological Assessment lnitiative workshop on the development of a Charter of Psychological Assessment Practice for workplace yesterday.

As discussed we would greatly appreciate it if you would submit this document to parliament consideration regarding the clause on psychometric testing in the above Bill.

We endorse the principles underlying the clause regarding psychometric testing. However would like to suggest a minor editorial change that would render the clause more accurate for technical perspective. Our recommended change only pertains to subsection (a) of the clause reads as follows "has been scientifically shown to be valid and reliable".

We would like to add that we particularly support the wording in the press release by the Minister of Labour which states "psychometric testing will be prohibited unless the tests being used proven to be valid and reliable and that measures are taken to ensure that such testing is used for designated groups". This clause is more user-friendly, and understood by the public, as well being technically correct. Is it at all possible that this clause could be considered as an alternate the one currently in place?

We trust that these proposals will be brought into your discussions and given serious consideration.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kasthuri Nainaar - Society for Industrial Psychology
Dr Chris Nunns - Psychological Assessment Initiative
Ivan Latti - South African Board for Personnel Practitioners
Tiisetso Tsukudu - Institute of People Management
Dr David Maree - Human Sciences Research Council