Report of the Portfolio Committee of Sport & Recreation on Limpopo study tour August 2003

1. Introduction

The Portfolio Committee on Sport & Recreation, having conducted a study tour to Limpopo, reports as follows:


On the 18 of August 2003, representatives of the Portfolio Committee of Sport and Recreation in Parliament undertook a study visit to Limpopo to show an interest and provide a presence from the political perspective that a serious effort is being made to understand the unique and difficult circumstances under which the Department of Sports and Recreation especially the Limpopo operate.

2. Objective of the visit

It was decide in a meeting dated 24 June 2003 to focus on the following issues:

3. Delegation

The delegation was under the leadership of Mr B M Ntuli (ANC) with Mr A Mlangeni (ANC); Mr A Moropa (ANC); Ms M A Molebatsi and Ms N Borotho (Committee Assistant). Mr. E J Lucas and Mr Morkel could not join the group due to unforeseen circumstances.


The delegation visited the Mahwelereng stadium in Waterberg with the senior manager from the Mecís office Mr Selepe. The municipal manager Mr. Sebola welcomed the delegation on behalf of the President and the Deputy President of LPSRC Mr Khorommbi and Mr Machaba

4.1 Findings

4.2 Recommendations

The delegation proceeded to Ga Seleka stadium, where the province was launching the provincial Indigenous games. The MEC welcomed the delegation.

2. Vhembe, Mutale Municipality

The Limpopo President of Sport and Recreation Council, Mr. Khorommbi welcomed the delegation on behalf of the sport councilors. The General Secretary, Mr Nempumbuluni apologized behalf of the Mayor and expressed that they only noticed day before about the meeting and the Mayor was engaged with other commitments.




2.1 Input from the Municipality

2.1 Background

Mutale was under the Mutale Municipality and is situated at the far north bordering with Zimbabwe on the northern side of Kruger National Park on the eastern side.

The area was known as Mutale Magistrate before 1995 and with the inception of Municipalities at formerly homelands area, it was known as Mutale Municipality under Vhembe District Municipality. The area was mainly characterized by the most rural and poor scattered villages with few selected electrified homes.

2.2 The following Statistics prevail.

2.3 Sport Associations statistics

-Number of open league clubs (male) 19

-Number of woman league clubs 53

-Number of development league (under 12-17) 64

2.4 Findings

2.5 Recommendations

3. Tshilizini Special School

The delegation proceeded to Tshilizini special school. Sister Mudau and the Principal of the school and Mr. Monere welcomed the delegation. Sister Mudau briefed the delegation about different types of children they are working with, namely oral, visually and physically handicap.

3.1 Concern

3.2 Recommendations

4. Mopani, Phalaborwa Municipality

The district Manager, Mr. Shimange welcomed the delegation on behalf of the councilors.

4.1 Findings

5. Bohlabela

The delegation visited the Naphuno Stadium in Bohlabela accompanied by the Department Manager, Mr. Selepe.

5.1 Findings




5.2 Recommendations

6. Maruleng Municipality

The councilor, Mr Moagi welcomed the delegation on behalf of the Chief Mr Malesele Monyaqoabe, the Deputy Chief Mr Moagi, the chairperson of crime prevention, Mr Komana and the councilors. Mr Moagi briefed the delegation that previously they had no facilities and the challenges that the area is facing namely teenage pregnancy, crime, unemployed and HIV/AIDS hampering the youth people.

6.1 Findings

6.2 Input from the businessman, Mr Komana

6.3 Concern

6.4 Recommendation

7. Sekhukhune

The Mayor, Mr. Lekola welcomed the delegation with the Executive Mayor, Mr. Masemola and the Corporate Service Manager, Mr. Kgetjepe. The delegation proceeded to visit sport

7.1 Findings

8. Meeting with the MEC

The Head of the Department, Mr. Rapholo welcomed the delegation on behalf of the MEC and members of the department. The leader of the delegation, Mr. Ntuli briefed the MEC about the purpose of the visit and mentioned the issue of Mutale municipality that has not even one facility. In Naphuno the delegation met with business people who showed interest in assisting in sport matters.

The MEC briefed the delegation on the provincial policy process and mentioned that they had the same problem with national level. The role of Sport Commission and Department is not clear and it is affecting the provinces. The Sport Commission was supposed to raise funds for sport development in the country but it does not have capacity to do that. The issue of handing over of facilities had no concrete policy because of the history of the province.

In terms of sport development the province is trying with the help of federations but the problem is lack of budget, also there is no clear policy on federations, because national federations are getting money but they do not service the federations on the ground level.

The departments budget goes to administration, they survive mostly on funds from private sectors. They have a problem with Department of Education that does not allocate budget for school sport. The issue of Lottery funding needs to be revisited by the national government and the policy around the application because questions that are asked does not consider people in rural areas

8.1 Recommendations