The Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation took a decision on the 24 June 2003 to undertake a study visit to provinces. The objective of the study tour was to focus on the following issues:

  1. Composition of the delegation:
  2. The multiparty delegation under the leadership of Mr C T Frolick (ANC) was Mr B.W Dlamini (IFP), Mr L.R Reid (ANC), Mrs D.M Morobi (ANC), Mrs M.A Seeco (UCDP) and Ms N Quvana (Committee Staff).

  3. Meeting at the Ministry Boardroom, 15 August 2003

The delegation was welcomed by the MEC, Mr Bonokwane, with the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Sports and Recreation, Mrs Magda Dyers at 8h00.Thereafter, the delegation visited the following municipalities, Magareng; Sol Plaatjie at Kimberly, Siyanda at Upington and Kgalagadi at Kuruman. In every municipal area, sports facilities were visited. The leader of the delegation briefed the MEC about the background and the purpose of the study tour.


3.1 Findings

    1. Recommendations


  1. Magareng Local Municipality – Warrenton

The municipality was represented by Mr Willie Johnson, Mayor; Mrs Magda Dyers, Chairperson in the Provincial Committee of Sports, Arts and Culture; Councillors, E. Booi, HIV/AIDS Co-Chairperson and C.K Olivier, responsible for Sports, Arts and Culture from the Magareng Sport and Culture Congress; T. Moipolai, Assistant Director of Sports and Recreation and W. Majiedt, Transformation Officer.

4.1 Concerns from the Municipality

4.2 Sol Plaatje Municipality

This municipality was represented by Councillors: M. Le Grange and V.M. Diraditsile; J.D Smith, Dep. Secretary/ PRO; W. Madjiet, Transformation Officer; Keith Ford, Chief Recreation; A. Mazzoncini, Recreation Officer for facilities.

4.2.1 Findings

4.3 Siyanda District Municipality – Upington

The delegation met with Councillors; Katrina De Wee, Siyanda District Municipality and Martin Klase, Mamiesberg Municipality; F.J Coetzer, Head Parks and Recreation, Iikhara Hais Municipality; Hermanus Pemidie, Chairperson Sport Rand, Kamiesberg Municipality; Jan J Pier, Coordinator IDP, Siyanda District Municipality; Koos Esau, Chairperson Portfolio Committee Infrastructure, Siyanda District Municipality; Rowena Isaks, Assistant Director, Department of Sport, Arts and Culture; Teko Moipolai, Assistant Director Sport and Recreation and David V Mdutyana, Media Liaison Officer.

4.3.1 Findings


4.3.2 Response from the Department:

The concern is that South African sport does not achieve what is supposed to and the problem lies with professionalism.

5. Kgalagadi Municipality – Kuruman

The representatives were O.E Kgopodithate, Mayor; O.H Barnard, Municipal Manager; A.N.P Lubbe, Councillor and Chairperson - Community Services; G. Motsamai, Councillor – Community Services; Jimmy Manner, Manager Community Services; David Kruger, Sports Co-ordinator all from Ga-Segonyana Municipality; Willy Madjiedt, Transformation Officer and John Coetzee, Sport Promotion Officer from the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture;Jan Witbooi, Mayor Gamarara Municipality; Bernardo W. Maseng, Mayor Kgatelopele Municipality; S.K Molao, Co-ordinator Sports Council, Kgatelopele Municipality; Wrenchville Sports Union; O.D Mokeng, Councillor, Tsantsabane Municipality.


5.1 Findings


5.2 Gamagara

5.3 Ntsantsabane


5.3.1 Concerns from the delegation:

5.3.2 Response from representatives:


5.4 Danielskuil

5.4.1 Recommendations

The delegation from Kuruman has recommended that, government should indicate to them what role should they play in terms of sports and clubs.

The delegation from the National Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation has recommended that sport is the core business of this government and that crime could be combated through development in sport. The delegation proceeded to North West Province.



6. NORTHWEST 18 – 19 August 2003

Mr Dlamini could not join the delegation to the North West Province due to the crisis in his constituency he had to immediately attend to. The leader of the delegation apologised for the absence of the Chairperson of the PC on Sport and Recreation, he noted that the Committee had 3 delegations visiting other provinces simultaneously and briefed the sports officials about the visit. The delegation met in the Greater Taung Municipality with the Mayor and the officials of sport.

6.1 Briefing by the Mayor

The Mayor welcomed the delegation and noted that Taung Municipality is a new developing municipality. Only one infrastructure has been developed, i.e. Modilo, which is not equipped, and others are not functioning due to lack of funds.

Youth have diverted to Cricket, Rugby and Soccer. They have tried to secure funds from the National Lottery Fund and from the Municipality. And they have just emerged to Indaba in Rustenburg. Sport academy is doing well to get people participate in Sport.

The Manager for Community Services added that, there is not a single district athletic stadium and in school sport there is a shortage of descent facilities.


6.2 Sports Academy - Concerns


The delegation wanted to know if there are NGOs involved in sport and recreation and the number of schools without football grounds. Their concern was whether Municipality maintain facilities and if there are people with disability participating.

The representatives from Taung area responded by mentioning that all schools have school grounds that are not developed. Affiliation is expensive for the schools since they have to pay for the fees out of their pockets. There are 12 federations for people with disabilities

6.3 Visits to facilities

  1. Depot Hall Community where there are vandalized facilities, i.e. a tennis court and swimming pool which needs renovation. Depot Hall belonged to farmers.
  2. Taung Stadium is a soccer stadium which is still under construction by the Department

7. Mafikeng Municipality

The Mayor, Councillors, North West Sports Academy, SGB and Sport Councils represented the municipality.

The leader of the delegation, Mr C.T Frolick, briefed the sports officials who were present about the purpose and the objective of the study visit. And he apologised for the absence of the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee.

The Mayor, Ms N Hlangwana welcomed the delegation. She added that the Council has committed itself to the 2010 Bid. They are also in the verge of meeting with the MEC of Arts, Culture and Technology. There is a fundamental construction of sports facilities and recreation. Drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and crime are under control.


7.1 Briefing by Mayor

Mafikeng is very rural with a lot to be done. Even in urban areas there is lack of sports facilities with a big stadium that needs maintenance. There are no structures in place that could assist to control the rate of pregnancy. There is an allocation of a R1 m to upgrade boot cells and ticket sales.

7.2 Findings


7.2.1 Concerns from the delegation

7.2.2 Response from the representatives

The MEC thanked the delegation for the visit. The MEC’s input about the province was that the province is trying to take a big step in developing sport. But the Local Government has chosen, for some reason, not to take sport seriously. He has engaged with municipalities to at least make some collaboration with them and has tried to intervene in the IDP. In the province there is serious commitment in netball. The challenge is the fusion of particular orientation of entitlement, which participated at diverse levels. For examples in areas like Bophirima, Taung, there is very little development in sport and there is a problem of resources. Resources are predominantly in white areas.

And the problem does not lie with only local government, but government has not come to realisation that sport must be funded; therefore they are not satisfied with the progress in the area of sport. The challenge that they are facing is that they have to make sport attractive to communities; at the moment there is competition with technology.

They are participating cohesively in the term of 2010 bid. There is emulation to school sport and out of school sport and had agreed with the department that there should be sport facilities at school and out of school. USSASA and Love Life Games are taking part in the province. In rugby there is no resistance with transformation but boxing has not made serious involvement.

8. Madibeng Municipality

The delegation visited Bapong Stadium that is one of the thirteen greening projects from the province at the cost of R1.2 m is still under construction. After the visit of the facility, the delegation met with the sports officials and representatives of the communities at Madibeng Municipality.

The delegation was welcomed by MEC for Department of Community Safety, Social and Health Service. Mr Frolick, gave a brief explanation for the objective and purpose of the visit.

8.1 Findings

Mazarek community have problems with the municipality in terms of representing the people. Have a problem with politicians making decisions for the community. There are no sporting codes.

In Bapong, it is difficult to access facilities, every time a facility is needed by the community to use for activities, a payment of R150 is required.

There are no funds available to sustain sport they are struggling to travel. There are no sport facilities, for instance where they play there are not even change rooms and toilets. Municipality is only concentrating at a certain sport code in urban areas, therefore neglecting rural communities. The municipality facilities are not accessible. Racism is a problem, former white schools had a contract with the municipality to maintain facilities, and that contract is permanent. Once those facilities are open, whites do not even want to play in those facilities because they feel that black will take over.

In Brits Golf Club, funds were given to maintain facilities and are not accessible. Federations develop white schools only in the North West province. It is very difficult to keep volunteers interested to help develop sports in communities if there are no incentives.

The Local Municipal Manager added by saying, there are problems in terms of their role. There is a huge gap with sport, for example, there are two projects but there is no communication about that. The provincial government is not part of the local council. An amount of R800 000 was allocated to Madibeng for the development of facilities, but the funds have not been utilised.

8.2 Concerns from the delegation

8.3 Response

There is initiative to get the children to form clubs, but there are no facilities and funds, and travelling is also a problem. The businesses are not supporting as such. If the federations could come closer to the people, that could help sport in communities, and also the community would be able to choose which sporting codes they would like to go for.

9. Recommendations

There is enthusiasm for sport but they should improve their level. Councils should stay in touch with the communities. The federations have the responsibility to assist in sport. The department should take note and investigate the R800 000 mentioned.

In future study tours should include or involve media strategy, because it seems that the Province did not invite municipalities and other communities.