Programme 4

Hydrocarbons and Energy Planning

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee

12-13 April 2005

Purpose: To promote the sustainable use of energy resources through integrated energy planning and the appropriate promotion, including policy and regulation development, of petroleum products, coal, gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Measurable objective: Integrated energy planning leading to the sustainable use of South Africa’s energy resources, internationally competitive energy prices and an increase in energy efficiency through the development and implementation of appropriate energy policy and regulation.

Key focus areas

Economic regulation: Implementation of National Energy Regulator Act and Petroleum Products Amendment Act aiming at internationally competitive energy prices, Energy Bill.

Redressing past imbalances: Household "energisation" with LPG and paraffin safety and through implementation of the Liquid Fuels Empowerment Charter.

Key focus Areas

Promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency: Through the distribution of subsidies, operation of the Designated National Authority to permit carbon trading and implementation of an energy efficiency strategy.

Cleaner safer fuels: Roll out household low smoke coal programme and regulation of unleaded petrol and cleaner transport fuels specifications.

[PMG Note: 5 Year Strategic Plan Targets not included].