The role of DEA T Presentation to the Portfolio Committee: June 2007

The Intergovernmental Context

         DME main department responsible for nuclear issues - policy and legislation as well as National Nuclear Regulator. Includes policy on radioactive waste management


         DPE as custodian of state owned enterprises as role in relation to establishment of facilities


         DST role in relation to custodianship of R+D


         Deat has limited regulatory role - no policy role


DEA T's Role

         Establishment of nuclear facilities is a listed activity in terms of EIA Regulations


         DEAT responsible for authorising applications for nuclear related EIAs


         Also role in relation to nuclear waste to the extent that it is not dealt with by other legislation. (NNR Act, Nuclear Act, Health legislation)


Managing Nuclear EIAs


         Deat authorising body


         Currently two applications - PBMR and conventional nuclear


         MOU with the NNR. NNR responsible for licencing safety case and DEAT responsible for EIA authorisation. DEA T represented on NNR Board.


         Agreement that the two bodies will not duplicate or repeat each others' work environment & tourism


In assessing technical issues DEA T establishes panel of national and international nuclear experts


All existing government policies, legislation and prescripts taken into account in decision making


DEA T takes decisions on nuclear issues in relation to the facts of the given application and in the context of established policy and legislation.