Thank you for this opportunity to air views on Nuclear Energy in South Africa

1. We all know Nuclear Power Stations and the storage of the hazardous radio active waist is Not 100% safe. Radio active waist remains hazardous for 240 000 years, no debate on responsibility there. An accident will cause very serious problems to the health and well being of South African citizens. Our country is also not 100% seismically inactive and the Radio active waist issue is a world wide problem that still has no solution.

2. Nuclear Power is Not sustainable development. Too often the word Sustainable Development is used where it does not belong. Further more the jobs that are created by these power stations will be few and will be for highly experienced. trained and sometimes foreign personal.

4. New technologies are coming to life all the time and by the time new nuclear power stations are running they will be out dated by Renewable Energy.

4. Only "Renewable Energy" rightfully deserves to be classed as" TRUE Sustainable Development" technology.

5. The statement used by Eskom that renewable energy's only work when it is sunny or windy is false.

When we produce more than we use with renewable energy we should incorporate the "hydro pump water uphill and let it flow down hill to generate energy later system" which would prove that renewable energy can be used at any time. There is also the air car example as another technology. These and other new and old technologies should be developed and incorporated with renewable energy. Now there is even tidal energy!

6. Government subsidies and tax incentives for renewable energy should be a top priority today.

Creating affordable alternative energy for all will mean healthy competition and a great market for renewable energy.

As a result a new industry will develop in South Africa creating countless jobs and new PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN companies and products. : )

This would all dictate accelerated technology in the field of renewable energy letting us all sleep at night.

7. Solar power should be made affordable for the individual to install at home.

Since solar panels are placed on the roof, no EIA process is needed.

8. Many leading countries push alternative energy and better efficiency. For the sake of serious Global Issues, lets not follow. lets proudly lead the way!

9.We have faxed through our FAC.T. members list with objections and suggestions and have received conformation of receipt.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to speak.

Kind Regards

Ryan Donnelly