14 June 2007

Dear Sir


As Bantamsklip, which is situated 10 km South-East of Pearly Beach, is one of the 5 identified sites for the potential construction of a nuclear power station, we as the Pearly Beach Conservation Society would like to comment as follows:

Bantamsklip is situated within a rather unspoilt piece of coastal fynbos veld and the possible construction of a nuclear power station and associated infrastructure will definitely have a very negative effect on the conservation of this piece of land. We as an organization are not against the use of nuclear power as such. as we understand that this is one of the best options to meet the growing demand for electricity in
South Africa. We would however like to request that a full environmental impact study be undertaken to identify the best site where the potential damage to the environment will be restricted to the minimum.

We also want to request should the nuclear power station be constructed near Bantamsklip.
that the exterior of the building should be painted (using special and very expensive paint) a blue which blends in with the colour of the sky in order to camouflage the station. We further request that there should be NO overhead pylons. It is perfectly possible to bury the access in underground cables and is an absolute must for the Bantamsklip site.

There will be considerable damage when the building is being build, normally mud, building detritus, and silt, so we should ensure the damage to the local environment is put right on completion of the building operations. This would include in our area a need
to replace vegetation with the opportunity to use indigenous plants and trees. Our experience has been that the use of the reactor does not cause the same environmental problems.

We are aware that the process takes cold water out of the sea and at the end of the process warm water is put back into the sea. This is safe water so the effect is dependent on whether it is acceptable to have sea water a bit warmer in tht3 vicinity. Our biggest concern however is whether the whale population would be affected and we demand that a special report be submitted on the environmental effect the warmer water will have on the whale population.

On a more general point the power station will create jobs in an area of high unemployment and we would like to say at this stage that we expect work to be made available for the local population.

Another point of extreme concern is where the construction people and-eventually the operational staff will be housed, as' Pearly Beach is the nearest town to Bantamsklip, but as this town was developed as a holiday destination, we are very concerned that the internal services of the town will not be adequate to cater for a huge influx of permanent residents.

Another point of extreme concern is where the huge amounts of high levels of radioactive waste will be disposed of.

It is trusted that these concerns will be thoroughly considered and discussed before a final resolution is taken as to which site will be used for the construction of a nuclear power station.

Yours faithfully