From: Col. Piet Roos

Sent: Monday 11 June 2007 – 18:41 pm

Via: Email

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To: Mr Langa Zita (Chairperson)

Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs and Tourism

Attention: Ms Albertina Kakaza


Dear Chairperson,


As much as I would like to see South Africa’s energy provision being able to supply our

future needs, I cannot accept the current, superficial evaluation process. People are being MISLED when told that nuclear power is clean. They do not discuss the energy required to produce the required Uranium, nor the DEVASTATING after-effects of the waste and its “disposal”. We are custodians of the country for our children and CANNOT gloss over such vitally important issues.


Read below what other, objective experts have to say…..YOU CANNOT IGNORE IT!

It is your sworn duty to defend the interests of South Africa…..DO THE RIGHT THING.




Colonel (ret) P. J. Roos