We would appreciate and welcome the involvement of the SANDF in policing because it will assist the SAPS in decreasing criminals who victimise the communities.

However major training be initiated in order for the SANDF members to be skilled in various field e.g. Effective communication and relationship with the community. Human Rights are also important.

At this stage effective relationship and partnership with CPS/ SAPS is excellent. How SANDF is to play a part in this relationship and partnership.

If we like partnership between the SAPS and SANDF, I propose that SANDF be controlled at provincial level, then the National will get a report from the Province.

Although we accept the involvement of the SANDF but the SAPS must remain accountable for policing at all levels. The SAPS should be the one giving command in any policing activities in the country.

Before the SANDF members can be deployed/ transferred to work directly with the community like SAPS, and interview should be done in order to evaluate whether that SANDF member can/ is able to communicate with the community.

That person is speaking the language spoken by that particular community.

The attitude of a member is very important because he will be dealing with the SAPS and the community.

Screening of a member if he / she was involve in internal discipline, e.g. Failing to take instructions, drunk on duty or cases of bad behaviour towards the community while on duty, even minor criminal records that resulted to discipline or hearing internal/ external.

The SANDF membersí deployed/ transferred fared to work with the community should dress in a way that will be accepted by the community. (Not the Comeflash uniform)

A strong relationship/ communication between the SAPS provincial Comm and the head of the SANDF at provincial level are initiated.

The head of the SANDF at area and provincial level be involved in CPF board meetings representing SANDF, so that they can listen to the problems raised by the community caused by the SANDF members while assisting SAPS in policing.

Chairperson: BJ Sibisi

Provincial Board KZN