The primary role of the Territorial Reserve in the SANDF is Area protection and I or safeguarding of it's area of responsibility. Its secondary role is assisting the SAPS, supplying support during disasters and so forth.

But as everyone knows, the Territorial Reserve is currently used more in it's secondary role than ifs primary. This creates difficult situations at grassroots level, because of the inability of the SAPS to be everywhere at the same time. This inability is due mainly because of the shortage of manpower in the SAPS.

Why do we say difficult situations arise because of our secondary role becoming our primary role? When conducting roadblocks, cordoning off of areas and so forth, the SAPS must be present at all the above mentioned operations. This in turns means that the SAPS must withdraw from other areas to conduct the operations in the areas where the SAN DF is operating

This in turn leaves certain areas without SAPS or SANDF cover for the duration of the mentioned operation(s).

The in word now is cost efficiency. What better way is there to be cost efficient than to empower the SANDF with the same authority during operations that the SAPS is currently empowered with. This will mean that you will have a force on the ground which can conduct military operations, as well as policing operations. This force, Territorial and Conventional Reserve, is also one which will only function when needed and therefore it will save the country and the taxpayer a lot of money, which can be used for other purposes, but still leave us with a second force to maintain stability when needed.

We must bear in mind that the people involved with this type of operation, must be well trained in military and policing matters. We therefore propose that the people involved must receive proper training in both so as to be able to be utilized in military as well as in policing operations.

It is widely known that the Reserves are currently being used lots of times to assist the SAPS during operations. So we are already doing a job that, with proper training and in conjunction with the SAPS, we can do even better and the results will lead to a more positive attitude from the public and thus will lead to more involvement by the public to curb criminal activities.

Everyone knows that to get the public involved in curbing criminal activities, is of paramount importance in the fight against crime. As soon as the public sees that the SANDF is also involved on a bigger scale than now, they will assist more easily, because they see the SANDF as the "strong man" and feel protected. There will then be enough personnel to let the SAPS do their normal work while the SANDF do the policing operations that requires more manpower that the SAPS normally have.

If this authority is granted, a lot of the Conventional Reserve can be utilized to help the fight against crime. This will mean that the people with experience in conventional warfare, will be kept in the system1 although they are used, for now, as a "paramilitary police".

This will ensure that the RSA will have the reserve capability of a strong conventional reserve force, that in a given situation can be quickly activated. In other words, using them for war, instead of fighting against crime. Again saving the taxpayer a lot of money.

Safe neighbourhoods creates safer towns, which in turn leads to a prosperous country for all it's inhabitants.

So in the end by giving the authority to the SAN DF, we will create a safer environment, but we will also be using the taxpayers money even more effectively.

Any extra comments that you would like with regard to the above, we will be more than glad to assist you with. We are people who are currently closely involved with operations with the SAPS and would appreciate it if any recommendations that you would like comments on, also be referred to us.

We thank you.